Thursday, March 4, 2021

Catch Me On Royal Tea TV!

I am thankful for the chance to appear on Royal Tea TV to give my two cents on a variety of topics!

WATCH on FB Watch.  

Debra "Queen" Cole sent the invite and I took it and ran with it!  I joined her and a guest on the Facebook Live edition of Royal Tea TV!

We discussed the following topics on the show:

  • Should British black actors play American black actors?  Are we seeing an influx of British black actors taking roles from American black actors?  Is that a problem in Hollywood or not?  Should heterosexual actors play gay roles or should Hollywood cast someone from the LGBT community?
  • Should you lend your significant other money?  If you're in a relationship and your boo runs into some financial hardship, are you to float him/her until they can get back on their feet?  
I hope that you will watch and support your boy!

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