Sunday, June 21, 2020

What Men Think Vol. 1: Dating Single Parents

This podcast series is a follow-up to the controversial show we had back on May 21, 2020 called How To Date A Single Parent.

Part I (14 mins)
Part II (18 mins)
Part III (38 mins)

Disclaimer: The views of my all-male panel do not reflect any opinions of mine or the Talk 2 Q Radio Show. They are the opinions of my guests who have their own independent thoughts. 

For the women: Don't take the panel's opinions personally or feel attacked. This is an opportunity for women to understand what's going on in a man's mind. You may not like how the message is delivered so bluntly, but it doesn't mean that you should ignore the message.  These men are sharing their experiences based on their knowledge they've acquired over the course of their lives.

For the men: This is a chance for you to hear cautionary tales from guys who have suffered through some of the trials and tribulations of dating single mothers (and/or dating as a single dad). This can help you recognize certain clues within someone that will help you navigate through the wrong dating candidates and help you find your ideal mate.  It can also help you better yourself to attract a more suitable mate.

This series will continue in the future on different topics. I allowed the guys to speak freely and get everything they wanted to say out on this podcast, but I look to add more structure to the show as the series looks to evolve going forward.

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