Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Convo w/Kevo: Racism

Photo credit to Keith King (Revolution Images).
No theme song. No introduction. Just me and a guest with something to say. The Dave Chappelle "8:46" special on YouTube was one of the better videos I've seen in quite some time. I think that he did a great job of hitting so many points about the George Floyd murder and racism in America.

Duration: 41 minutes.

I wanted to have a conversation about the show and racism in America, so I chose a white guy to join me. White people SHOULD NOT feel guilty for being white. I only hold the ones who don't listen accountable for some of the inequality experienced in this country by minorities. I have someone on this podcast who does believe that "black lives matter" and he wants to discuss racism today.

Kevin Young.

I'll ask him why he agrees with that. He lives in upstate New York and he firmly believes that some changes need to be made in society to truly bring about equality. 

This won't be an interview, but instead, a conversation. I'll also give my personal opinion on things in this podcast from a black perspective. 

I hope that this podcast is well-received by those who need to hear it and I would love for you to share this as often as you can across social media platforms. 

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