Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Confronting Racism

No theme song. No introduction. No callers.  Just me with something to say.

Duration: 12 minutes.

First of all, white people... DO NOT FEEL GUILTY FOR BEING WHITE.  People should only feel guilty for not listening and thinking that status quo is working.  It's not.  Not even close.  This podcast is about doing something different.

Those who have listened to the Talk 2 Q Radio Show over the past decade know that I don't always give my opinions on the show. I choose just to be a moderator and allow others to voice their perspectives. That's why I named the show, "Talk 2 Q" instead of "Listen to Q". 

But, I had to get back on my soap box and get some things off of my chest, so I recorded something. There's no format to this podcast. It's just me discussing my opinion about the recent events that have occurred in this country regarding black people who were slain. Every week, there's a new story about a black man shot. It's not always a police shooting. Sometimes citizens shoot black people, too. 

I feel so badly for those who have this happen to a family member unjustly. I don't even care if the person is innocent or guilty. They are allowed their day in court. At that point, let the jury decide his or her fate. Don't let someone make that decision it on the street. 

Anyway, I'll just let you listen and I hope that you feel compelled to provide feedback on this. By no means am I coming down on white people in this podcast because all white people aren't racist. But I am pointing out those who appear to be contributing to the problem moreso than helping resolve it. As you can see, black people are struggling to fix it. We try peacefully and get our heads cracked. We get rowdy and get our heads cracked. 

So, how do we confront racism? 

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  1. I was just listening to your podcast on racism, as a white Canadian girl, I find what you are saying so important because I (we) don't see the racism here.. so my son in his early 20's says.. what are they talking about ? why are they angry? I can now answer these questions. Getting your message out there is important, and I just wanted you to know that it is reaching people. I understand you are frustrated, I honestly can't imagine what your life is like. I recently asked a black man who grew up in canada if he also experienced racism.. he just laughed at me and he said ..every damn day.. racism is everywhere and its in every interaction.. Anyways I just wanted to say I am opening my eyes.. because apparently I have been blinded by my own white privilege..
    I just wanted to say thank you for speaking up.

    1. I so appreciate you providing feedback and sharing your views on this! I just wanted to convey what life is like for some black people. From the time we leave our homes in the morning until the time we return in the evening, we have to pay attention to everything we do. We have to "blend in" to not be seen as a threat in a society that is so volatile. Most incidents are small, but they add up over time and it becomes tiring. Again, thank you for listening and I'm glad that it was able to provide you with fuel for a conversation with your son. If everyone simply had conversations about these things instead of saying to themselves, "it's not all that bad" then society would be better for it!

  2. My Brother listening to you, was like me talking to myself in the mirror. You hit on so many key points. I have also expressed my concern about politicians who love the black vote during election time but we mean nothing after they get into office.

    1. Thanks for listening. I truly appreciate it. And yes, I do wish that we would do a better job of holding these politicians feet to the fire. They should earn our votes each and every election.


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