Thursday, June 18, 2020

I Participated On The Rational Female Podcast #T2Q #TBT

The Rational Female podcast is a show where the host speaks to every day men to get their unfiltered takes on things like: dating, marriage, feminism, family, etc., trying to bring to light facts that contribute toward this current divide between the sexes in hopes that more people will wake up.

Listen to Part I here.
Listen to Part II here.
(Originally aired on March 2019.)

I definitely enjoyed my time spent recording this podcast with the host and her other guest (whose voice you will recognize from my show).  We discussed why some guys may be avoiding single mothers for long-term relationships.  We also talk about how single parenthood is being normalized just as marriage once was.  And we get into a topic that we recently discussed on my show: "what is a real man?"

You can check out more of The Rational Female podcast here.  I had a lot of fun doing this podcast and I look forward to having The Rational Female on my show in the near future!  Have a listen and enjoy!

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